Burger Drop

Newcastle upon tyne

aUGUST 2023

The Burger Restaurant was fully refurbished with first and second fix electrical and plumbing work also completed. The shop has a bespoke illuminated stone counter, stone veneer wall finishes, black and gold marble tiles and bespoke upholstered furniture. There is a feature logo constructed from illuminated CNC cut acrylic with a laser cut brass face, moody internal lighting and perimeter LED strip set the ambiance of this restaurant and give it a premium feel new toilet with black and brass features and venetian plaster walls

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Northern Design Awards Finalist Pepo

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Burger Drop

Burger Restaurant refurbished for a premium dining experience

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3d design renders

We use lasers to take measurements of the venue so that a computer-aided design (CAD) plan can be generated. Then we either produce a mood board collaboratively with the client, by ourselves, or one can be supplied by the client. After that, a 3D model of the proposed venue can be created that can then be amended slightly by the client before we can start to bring the proposed works to life on site.




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